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IDENTIFY – Look for Entrepreneurs

SHOWCASE – Exhibit Entrepreneurs products and services through events.

ENLIGHTEN – Organise trainings and seminars for capacity building

EMPOWER – Opportunities to SME Funds

CELEBRATE– Distinguish and appreciate Entrepreneurs.

About Ibadan preneurs

Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network is dedicated to advancing the entrepreneurial network by supporting entrepreneurs at all stages of growth and development.

We see the need to assist upcoming entrepreneurs by providing a platform for them to express their innovations and creativity.

Ibadan Entrepreneurs Network ways of supporting Entrepreneurs in Ibadan are many. All the events we have had since inception in November 2016, have been successful and impactful to the the city, and Entrepreneurs.

We have had trainings from Internationally recognized Coaches, Trainers and Mentors. Different organizations and government agencies have come to educate and form close relationship with us.
We can never forget the support we receive from the entire city of Ibadan; it’s a proof of appreciation and great understanding.

Entrepreneurship contributes larger part of economy growth, and this is a motivating factor that the players shouldn’t be underrated in all forms. Empowerment is key for all of us, and we will never keep walking and working in the path that gives hope, even in  the midst of challenges.

Our Vision

To build a thriving and sustainable economy, driven by innovative local Entrepreneurs and a competitive start up network.

Our Mission

To provide relevant, timely and  targeted support for start up businesses to create quality and innovative ideas that will contribute to the reduction of employment and increase our sources of revenue.

Our Values

We are all about entrepreneurs. We support them, taking all the risks in pursuit of their dreams; their business is our business, and it is our role to provide the right resources to help them grow responsibly and create a lasting impact on the economy.

Better is Always Possible

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